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We have presented this Superior Basemetal tips for Those traders and investors whose prime focus to trade is Base Metal with Multiple number of lots.We have extensively studied the basemetal segment and have developed considerable expertise to help intraday traders & in this package we are introducing new Kites Technology.
Our 25 Expert Commodity Team keeps over-viewing your losses and help you to recover your All Previous losses. In This Combination Package We Supply Nickel,Zinc,Lead,Copper & Alumnium Call With 2-3 Lots On A Intraday Basis.We use American Analysts who provide us All Inside news related to base metals from China.They research fundamental basis eg LME'S Data daily in noon & technical also.Analysts Analyse Market to give Huge Profit only in Base Metal

As per Trader necessity AT kites Commodity We offer Our Services as Regular basis,once a quarter & semiyearly services with 85%-90% Accurate Tips.

SureShot Basemetal Levels,Superior Basemetals Calls

Main Features

  • SUPERIOR BASEMETAL,a trader can minimum Rs 1 lac investment.

  • SUPERIOR BASEMETAL PACK helps traders to buy/sell tips as per the movement in Base Metals.

  • This services will give you daily 1-2 tips,each tip in 2-3 lots.

  • This ultra  Metals tips calls based on Fundamental & Technical analysis 

  • Each Tip will be established on the Current Market Updation & Situation.

  • Our Team Of More Than 500 Executives provides will be in touch with trader 24/7 which includes Telephonic,Online G-talk,Whatsapp.

  • Qualified Team do lots of research and market analysis to give you high Accuracy on Intraday Basis Services.

Package Pricing


₹ 8500


₹ 14500

Half Year

₹ 25500

Sample Calls

  • Trade 1 Lot, Buy ZINC AT 200-200.10 TARGET 201.20 STOPLOSS 199
  • Buy ZINC Target Success!!!! Profit of Rs.5,000
  • Trade 1 Lot, Sell NICKEL AT 1490-1491  TARGET 1482 STOPLOSS 1499
  • Buy NICKEL Target Success!!!! Profit of Rs.12,000
  • Trade 1 Lot, Buy Copper AT 318.50-319 TARGET 321 STOPLOSS 316.50
  • Buy COPPER Target Success!!!! Profit of Rs.5,000
  • Trade 1 Lot, Sell LEAD AT 147-147.50 TARGET 146 STOPLOSS 148.50
  • Buy LEAD Target Success!!!! Profit of Rs.5,000

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